Aviation’s role in combatting the illegal wildlife trade


The illegal trade in wildlife, both flora and fauna, is an issue that has increasingly been receiving attention from the global community. Efforts to combat this illegal trade have been gathering pace in recent months, with the United for Wildlife Declaration having been announced by Prince William and former British Foreign Secretary, Lord Hague, at Buckingham Palace earlier this year.

 Aviation has a significant role to play in halting this illegal trade, which often involves some of the world’s most endangered species. While many of these plants and animals are transported by sea, a large proportion are also transported by air, both by cargo and by passengers in the cabin. To prevent this type of criminal activity, IATA and ACI World both signed the Declaration in March, showing their commitment to this cause, and are now taking measures to raise awareness of the issue with airline and airport staff.

As part of their campaign, IATA published a video last week, which highlights some of means by which wildlife is illegally transported by air and what tell-tale signs airport and airline staff (as well as passengers) should look out for. So, if you see any of the type of suspicious activity shown in this video, be sure to report it!