A word from the leaders

Environmental Climate solutions

At today's Global Sustainable Aviation Forum in Montreal, the heads of the five global industry associations gave their remarks to government delegates ahead of the ICAO High Level Meeting, which starts tomorrow.

ATAG Executive Director, Michael Gill, opened the speeches: It goes without saying that this period is crucial for the industry and for our future development.

Part of what we do at ATAG is to make sure the industry works together on some of the longer-term issues we face. But we don’t do it alone – we are fortunate in this industry to have a dedicated and collaborative team, stretching across all parts of the sector.

This industry unity was demonstrated last year in our Open Letter to Governments when 28 industry CEOs and Directors General – including those who you will shortly hear from – representing a trillion dollars in annual revenue and 90% of the industry urged climate action this year. That Open Letter, available outside this room, was written 12 months ahead of the ICAO Assembly. With now just 140 days to go, we again have some messages from industry leaders.

It is my pleasure to now ask the leaders of each of those sectors, to provide some brief remarks about our sector’s climate action.

Michael Gill from ATAG wrapped up by saying: As you have just heard, our collaborative spirit is alive and well. It can be evidenced in everyday operations around the world and it is vital for our climate objectives.

We have a strong history of collaborative action with ICAO and governments as well.

This year, more than ever, we need that spirit to be demonstrated to the world.

We call on governments meeting at the 39th ICAO Assembly this autumn to endorse the implementation of a simple, global offsetting scheme which will stabilise air transport carbon emissions growth. Failure to agree will harm a vital global sector and harm our global climate.

We really believe that we are within touching distance of an historic agreement and we have to finish the course.

To the government representatives who have an important task over the coming days and weeks, we wish you luck, stamina and wisdom. Know that the industry is fully supportive of a strong outcome at the Assembly and you can call on us at any time for guidance and counsel.

We recognise that here is no perfect solution to the challenge you face. But with faith in your negotiators and a constructive approach, we can all ensure that aviation continues to be the vital conduit for world trade, connectivity and sustainable development that we are today, well into the future

Thank you for taking the time to be with us and to hear from the industry this afternoon.