Aviation Climate Solutions


The global aviation industry is doing a huge amount to reduce the levels of CO2 emissions associated with our operations. Airlines, airports, manufacturers and navigation service providers all know they have a part to play in ensuring the industry works together as sustainably as possible.

Many of the larger-scale actions are well known to the public and governments, such as newer, more fuel efficient aircraft and engines. Other, smaller scale measures instigated by individual members of the industry are less publicised, but are just as important. Aviation has always been an innovative industry and its approach to sustainability is no different.

To make people more aware of the wide range of developments taking place in the field of aviation sustainability, the Air Transport Action Group put out a call to colleagues to make submissions to a publication we launched today, Aviation Climate Solutions. After receiving many innovative and interesting ideas from all over the world, ATAG had the difficult task of selecting 100 projects to feature in the publication.

We assessed each of them based on their potential for mitigation of aviation’s CO2 emissions and gave priority to those case studies which are: replicable by other partners across the industry; particularly innovative; collaborative; and scalable to further increase fuel and emissions savings.

What emerged was an impressive array of imaginative and inventive projects that all share the same goal: reducing CO2 emissions. The projects cited are only a snapshot of the overall story and is a fine example of how the industry collaborates every day to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum.