An open letter from aviation to governments


The global aviation industry is committed to cutting the levels of CO2 produced by air travel. In 2008, industry leaders joined together to announce ambitious carbon reduction goals and, while we have seen positive progress so far (the annual 1.5% fuel efficiency improvement goal is being more than met), more work needs to be done. But, the industry can’t do it alone. The help and engagement from governments is essential if the longer term goals of carbon neutral growth from 2020 and the halving of emissions by 2050 are to be realised.

In this crucial period for global climate action, not only for aviation, but all industries, chief executives of some of the world’s largest aviation players have sent an open letter to governments ahead of the COP21 climate negotiations, pledging their commitment to taking long-lasting and ambitious climate action. As well as reaffirming the three global goals on emissions, the group of CEOs has stressed the need for cooperation between industry and governments.

The signatories of the open letter collectively represent 90% of airline traffic, generating nearly a trillion dollars in annual revenue.

Next year, government representatives will gather for the ICAO Assembly, where all eyes are on the development of a market-based measure (MBM) for aviation. The open letter urges governments to work together progressively on a workable MBM, as well as calling for the modernisation of the global air traffic management system and support for the  deployment of alternative fuels for the sector.

We all hope that governments all over the globe will appreciate the importance of the industry call to action and work alongside industry partners in securing a truly sustainable future for aviation.