Paris Air Forum

Environmental Climate solutions

On 12 June, the annual Paris Air Forum took place in the French capital, with the great and the good from all sectors of the aviation industry gathering to discuss issues of importance. As you might expect, the issue of climate change was debated with Michael Gill (Executive Director of ATAG), Julie Felgar (Managing Director of Environmental Strategy and Integration at Boeing), Marwan Lahoud (Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Airbus and Chairman of GIFAS), all moderated by Geseche Wüpper (President of AJPAE).

In the video below you can hear panelists discuss a range of aviation environmental issues including progress on the ICAO negotiations on a market-based measure, the global goals on emissions and the use of sustainable alternative fuels. As well as giving you some interesting info on some of the technical aspects, what’s great to see is that the whole industry is determined to work together to achieve their shared environmental goals, despite commercial rivalries.

Not only that, but the video is a great opportunity to brush up on your French. Don’t worry though, some bits are in English!