How passengers today produce half the CO2 they would have in 1990

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As always, we have been keeping an ear to the ground when it comes to aviation sustainability issues and we saw this graphic being tweeted by the group Transport and Environment on fuel efficiency trends across different transport modes.

T&E tweet 2


Regular readers of this blog will know that all sectors of the aviation industry have been thinking up new and innovative ways to put down on fuel consumption, whether that be through new technology, better infrastructure, or making operations more efficient. You may also know that the industry as a whole has, since 2009, agreed to an annual average 1.5% annual fuel efficiency improvement, which has actually been exceeded – data shows that the annual improvement has actually been closer to 2.9% since 2009. But the fuel efficiency efforts didn’t just start in 2009! 

So when we saw the Transport & Environment chart, we took a look back to 1990, and according to IEA and ICAO figures (from outside the industry), fuel efficiency has actually improved by over 50% per passenger kilometre, which we found pretty impressive! With exciting new technology on the horizon and a solid commitment from  airlines, manufacturers, airports and ANSPs, we are confident that fuel efficiency is only going to improve further.