Thomson Airways wins carbon reduction award

Environmental Climate solutions

Congratulations to Thomson Airways which has won the ‘Best Aviation Programme for Carbon Reduction’ at the World Responsible Tourism Awards, held at London’ s World Travel Market 2014 on Wednesday 5 November.

The award, sponsored by the Responsible Travel organisation recognises “interesting and innovative policies and practices for reducing carbon, a proven track record of achievement, a commitment to the future and a model for leadership in the industry”

Thomson Airways has improved its carbon efficiency by 7.4% over the last three years, achieving average carbon emissions of 69.5g per Revenue Passenger Kilometre. According to the airline this was achieved through a mixture of on-going efficiency planning, seeking to improve and adjust its on board operations, direct routings, associated maintenance activities and investment in cutting edge aviation technology.

“Investment in new aircraft such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner helps towards achieving a 20% fuel efficiency improvement per seat compared to the Boeing 767. Blended fuel-saving winglets have also been fitted to 97% of the aircraft in the Thomson Airways fleet, reducing fuel burn by up to 5% on the Boeing 767, helping the aircraft improve lift and reduce drag, boosting efficiency and saving carbon,” said Thomson Airways.