Welcome to our web resource


We are proud of what we do in the aviation industry. Every day, millions of passengers use our services to fly all over the world. Millions of men and women make a career in our sector and we build and operate some of the most brilliant machines in the world.

But, while we do that all on a daily basis, we also must think about the future. About how we can continue to serve our passengers and the communities and economies we support for decades to come - and do so in an environmentally-friendly way.

This website is a window into that world of sustainable development of aviation. It's about the benefits that we bring and the efforts we are making to reduce our footprint.

The Air Transport Action Group has been working for the past 24 years to bring the industry together on issues of strategic sustainability importance. This resource will continue to evolve to showcase what the industry is doing and how we are working togther.

We urge you to visit a couple of parts of the website on a regular basis: the case studies section will continue to be added to and the newswire is a repository of press releases from across the sector on sustainability news.

We hope you enjoy!