Geneva summit on the future of sustainable aviation


The ICAO Assembly took the surest step yet towards regulating global emissions in October last year; it agreed to begin developing a global market-based measure at its next meeting in 2016.

Six months later, the industry, governments and civil society have had time to regroup and representatives will discuss their thoughts and hopes on the way forward at this year’s Global Sustainable Aviation Summit and will be looking at the options available regarding global market-based measure.

Incoming ATAG executive director Michael Gill said that “[t]he result of last year’s ICAO Assembly – where governments agreed to develop a global market-based measure for aviation – was the first significant step along the road to meeting our ambitious targets.”

Around 250 delegates from 50 countries are meeting for discussions at the summit which aims to provide a long-term view of the growth of air transport around the world.

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of commercial aviation and the conference will also look at what the future holds for the industry- what next for alternative fuels? How does the industry prepare for predicted growth? The summit will also address the importance of public-private partnerships in the industry. Additionally, delegates will also be looking at the options available regarding global market-based measure.

With so many questions and topics on the table, discussions are set to be lively! Keep up with discussions and goings-on on the website and on Twitter and join in the discussions using #GSAS2014.