Small island states

Air transport supports 1.8 million jobs and $32.1 billion in GDP in small island states. That is 10.2% of all employment and 13.9% of all GDP in the small island states in 2016.


The air transport industry generated an estimated 66,800 direct jobs in the small island states in 2016, which breaks down into:

  • Airline employees: 11,500 (17.3% of the total)
  • Airport operators: 8,700 (13%)
  • Other on-airport jobs: 44,300 (66.3%)
  • Air navigation service providers: 2,300 (3.5%)

The air transport sector supported 200,000 jobs and contributed $4.2 billion to GDP in the small island states, including indirect and induced impacts.

Moreover, substantial benefits derived from tourist spending which has added an estimated 1.6 million to employment and $27.9 billion in GDP.